Douglas Machado Joins Minden Whippets After Long Wait 

 Douglas Machado was ready to experience a year in the life of a Minden Whippet when the coronavirus pandemic postponed his trip. Now, two years later, the Brazilian teen is spending his gap year in Nebraska in a delayed and slightly altered exchange experience. 

“I was supposed to come in 2020. I made all the process to come to the exchange in 2019 and then I found out in early 2020 that I was coming to the United Stated and to Nebraska, but then covid happened and they postponed it,” Douglas said. “We didn’t exactly know how the pandemic was going to be. I had some expectations that I would still be able to come, but then I was over the age to the Rotary Youth Exchange program. They told me I couldn’t do it anymore.” 

In anticipation of coming to Minden for his exchange, Douglas had been in contact with his host families throughout the delay. It was the efforts of one host family, David, Dena, Chloe, and Sloane Beck, and the cooperation of two Rotary chapters on different continents that made his exchange possible. 

see September 14 Courier for full story