2010 Accomplishments Highlighted At County One & Six Year Hearing

epartment of Roads held public hearing for the 1 & 6 Road Program for Kearney County on Tuesday in the lower level of the courthouse.
Nearly twenty landowners and interested patrons were in attendance for the public hearing.
During the power point presentation, Kearney County Department of Roads Superintendent Randy Smith highlighted the road projects accomplished in 2010, which included:  1 mile new grade, 1 Corrugated metal pipe over canal, 2 Concrete Box Culverts over canal, 20 driveway extensions and/or repairs, Maintenance jobs on 70 miles, Tree removal on 8 miles, Bridge maintenance on 8 miles.
The Kearney County Department of Roads also provided gravel for the eight motorgrader routes in the county:  Axtell 88 total miles, 28 miles gravel (25 percent), Minden North 86 total miles, 26 miles gravel (30 percent),  Minden South 98 total miles, 23 miles gravel (23 percent),  Heartwell 97 total miles, 27 miles gravel (28 percent),  Wilcox 106 total miles, 24 miles gravel (23 percent), Minden East 85 total miles, 18 miles gravel (21 percent),  Norman 77 total miles, 32 miles gravel (42 percent), Minden West 86 total miles, 28 miles gravel (33 percent) for a total of 21,230 cubic yards of gravel hauled.

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