4H Pushes Malcom To Be Her Best

The 4H organization provides hands-on learning experiences for its young members. Through a positive environment and with the guidance of adult mentors, members build skills and are encouraged to become proactive forces in their communities. Thirteen year old Mia Malcom credits her time in 4H with much of her character development and skill building. 

“I’ve learned to put myself out there and learn new things,” Mia said. “I’ve also learned how to be responsible. 4H offers so many projects. Last year I learned about electricity and built a circuit. I also learned how to quilt small projects, do woodworking, and how to make QR codes.”

Mia became involved with 4H eight years ago. Her parents, Ryan and Michele, were both involved in the organization and so was her sister, Emily. They introduced her to the club and continue to support her journey.

see July 31 Courier for full story