72 Percent of Kearney County Voters Went To The Polls For The General Election

The results for the 2012 elections are in. Here are the numbers for Kearney County:
In the Presidential race, Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan received 2,349 votes, while Democrats Barack Obama and Joseph R. Biden Jr. had 773. Gary Johnson and James P. Gray, Libertarians, received 43 votes, and petition candidates Randall A. Terry and Marjorie Smith had 11.
For the Senatorial Ticket, Deb Fischer (R) received 2,343 votes compared to 820 for Bob Kerrey (D.)
For Congress, Adrian Smith (R) won with 2,488 votes over Mark Sullivan (D) who received 649.
Ross Bruning (R) received 399 votes to become the District 2 County Supervisor. Larry Landstrom (R) won a close race for the District 4 County Supervisor position, receiving 215 votes while Larry Weaver (D) had 208. William F. Pittner (R,) running for District 6 County Supervisor, had 298 votes.
David Nickel was elected to the Tri-Basin Natural Resources District Board of Directors Subdistrict 6 with 685 votes. Brian Petersen received 429.
In the race for the Nebraska Public Power District Board of Directors Subdivision 6 position, Ed Schrock had 1,468 votes, winning over Eric Boudreau, who received 1,157.
The three open seats on the Minden Board of Education will be filled by Craig B. Grams, who received 1,253 votes, Jeffery D. Shelton, 1,088, and Ken Carpenter, who had 949 votes. Rusty Rhynalds received 863 votes, and Ann M. Madsen had 825.
The three people elected to Axtell’s Board of Education are Sara Wells, who received 418 votes, Linda Almquist, with 406, and Bruce Anderbery, 404. Mike I. Miller had 300 votes.
Gary W. Jensen was elected to a two-year term on the Wilcox-Hildreth School Board with 214 votes. Jeff Loschen, 182, Lance R. Jelden, 174, and Kendall R. Black, 165, were chosen for four-year terms on the board as well.
The North Ward position for Minden’s City Council will be taken up by Teresa J. Sumstine, who received 400 votes against Howard L. Maxon’s 233 votes.
For Minden’s South Ward City Council seat, Lathan Thompson won with 373 votes, while John B. Osgood received 297.
For Axtell’s Board of Trustees, Rodney Young, with 239 votes, Karen Myers, with 254, and Tyrell Fickenscher, 260, were elected.
The Board of Trustees in Heartwell will welcome Diana Podewitz and James M. Kuehn, who both received 17 votes.
Wayne Schepler, received 157 votes, Brad Gardels had 159, and Richard Nash with 142 as all three were elected to the Board of Trustees in Wilcox.
The Norman Board of Trustees will welcome Earl Werner, who received 9 votes, and Ron Jacobsen, who received 7.
Amendment #1 was approved 2,450-462. The change makes candidates who commit a misdemeanor in running for an office subject to impeachment.
Amendment #2 was approved 2,398-532. Nebraskans’ right to hunt, trap, and fish are now protected under law.
Amendment #3 was rejected by voters, with 1,180 in favor and 1,821 against. This amendment was to allow State Senators to serve three terms instead of two.
Amendment #4 was also rejected by voters, with 891 for the amendment and 2,124 against it. If passed, it would have increased the Nebraska State Senators’ salaries to $22,500 a year.

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