Above And Beyond The Call Of Service

There are many caring citizens in most communities in Nebraska.  These are the people who unobtrusively go about their business of helping others in many different ways.  They do not look for special recognition.  They do not seek publicity. They just believe in helping their fellow man in whatever way they can.  And then, when their deeds of kindness are completed they just go about their normal lives, and very few in their community are even aware of what contributions they have made.
The Minden area is no exception.  A recent tip to the Minden Courier editor suggested that several Minden residents had given more than twelve gallons of blood to the Red Cross over the years.  Picture for a moment twelve gallons of milk stacked on your kitchen counter.  That is a huge amount of any liquid!  When you picture those same containers filled with human blood to help others, it is absolutely mind-boggling.
A check with Stephanie Mousel, the Donor Recruitment Representative for the American Red Cross, revealed an even greater surprise: twelve gallons of donated blood in Kearney County was not the record.  The record was sixteen gallons!  And the caring citizen was Minden’s Don Phillips.  To bring this into true perspective, realize that it takes eight units of blood (one pint) to make a gallon.
Don began giving blood many years ago, and just kept answering the call.

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