Agriculture Education And FFA Return To Minden

Minden Public Schools is excited to announce the return of the Agriculture Education and FFA to Minden High School. The Minden FFA Chapter was reintroduced to the students at Minden High School this year for the first time since the 1950’s. This year there are 41 students enrolled in agriculture education classes at Minden High School and 38 members in the FFA chapter. 

Agriculture education is a school based program that prepares students for careers in agriculture, food, and natural resources. There are three components that make up the agriculture education model: instruction, FFA, and SAE. Through instruction students are able to take three levels of courses that introduce them to different careers within the agriculture industry. The first course all students have to take is Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. After completing that course students can then determine a pathway they would like to learn more about and take the intermediate level course. Currently those courses include Agribusiness and Animal Science. Next year we hope to add Plant Science. After students complete an intermediate course the students can then take a capstone course for that pathway. A capstone course gives students a hands on experience in a certain career field. Capstone courses we hope to offer include: Agronomy, Large Animal Management, Vet Science, and Floriculture. 

see December 9 Courier for full story