AgVenture Expands With Re-Use Loan

AgVenture has expanded its Minden location to include a 15,000 square foot facility just east of the town. The building has been extensively renovated since it was acquired to meet the growing company’s need for additional seed storage and office space.
According to AgVenture partner Tim Weeces, “We needed this to support growth. We’ve gone from selling no bags in 2000 to 16 full-time employees now.”
Weeces came to Minden in 1991, started the business in 2000 and now offers a more direct supply route than much of its competition. Weeces explains, “We’re different in this sense, we deal more directly with the farmers.”
AgVenture had formerly been located on the north side of Minden, but recent growth and the availability of the new warehouse space allowed Weeces to make the move. The old building is now inhabited by Drip Subsurface Irrigation on a rent-to-own agreement.

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