Archaic Rooms Make Patient Care Difficult

There is a mounting body of evidence that shows hospital patient room design features that respect patients privacy, are inviting and comforting and encourage family involvement result in improved healing.
A major move in the health care industry is centered toward single patient private rooms.
Studies show private patient rooms improve infection control, improve adherence to patient privacy requirements and improve utilization of equipment and staff.
The archaic double-occupancy patient rooms at Kearney County Health Services, because of the size, age and configuration, do not meet code or current standards for patient care.
The hospital must meet these federal and state mandates to keep the facility’s Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements. If the mandates are not met, the hospital stands a very good chance of  losing its Medicare and Medicaid funding which is vital to the hospital’s existence.
The success of the March 15 special election to approve the $10 million hospital bond for new construction/renovation at KCHS is critical for the future of the fifty-seven year old hospital.
Tiff Weeder, Assistant Director of Nursing at KCHS explained the room deficiencies during a tour on Thursday morning.

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