Athletic Trainer Ross Oberg, Keeping Whippet Players In The Game

Athletes, coaches, officials, and fans all play a role in the high school sports scene, but one vital position is often overlooked: the athletic trainer. Ross Oberg from Family Physical Therapy has held this spot with the Minden Whippets since Fall of 2010.
“I started working down in the Minden clinic in the Fall of 2010. We have several clinics, so the first couple of years I was working here two days a week in the office and then checking in at the school after work and Lexington the rest of the week. In 2012, I started full time here and started spending more time with the athletes,” Oberg said.
He is a certified Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist. After working with patients at Family Physical Therapy Center, he stops by Minden High School to visit with teams and coaches. If an athlete has sustained an injury, he will take that opportunity to evaluate the situation.

see February 8 Courier for full story

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