Axtell Community School Introduces Mechatronics To Fall Curriculum

Axtell Community School is one of six Nebraska high schools to offer dual credit classes that will give students a head start in pursuing a mechatronics degree and prepare them for a technical career through the Independent Mechatronics Education Center Curriculum 2.0 project (iMEC 2.0). Funded by a $1.3 million National Science Foundation grant through a partnership between Central Community College and Minnesota based South Central College, the program will be taught by Industrial Technology instructor Joe Philippi.

“They have come up with a remote classroom setting where they’re going to give us the equipment and we’re going to be in connection with CCC offering these classes,” Philippi said.

The program will be targeted at high school juniors when it is introduced next Fall and offered to juniors and seniors going forward. Students can take Concepts of Electronics and Introduction to Instrumentation the first year followed by Introduction to Programmable Controls and Application of Industrial Censors the second year. The dual credit classes will take the place of the Introduction to Electronics course that is currently available at ACS and reduce the time it takes to earn a mechatronics associate of applied science degree at CCC.

see April 21 Courier for full story