Axtell Pool Nears Completion

In a Kearney County mid- term general election in 2010, Axtell voters approved a $1.5 million bond for the construction of a new pool. The bond was passed by a comparatively slim margin, with 145 voting favor against 110 voting against.
Axtell residents will soon enjoy the fruit of that decision as the new Axtell Aquatic Center is expected to be ready in time for the coming summer.
The old city pool was built
in 1970 and opened for com- munity members in 1971, but in recent years the facility was costing the city more than it was worth.
“The pool was losing a lot of water,” said Axtell Mayor Jeff Nelson. “And the bath house, which was partially open, was being worn out by the weather.”
The new facility will in- clude a completely enclosed bath house, which should protect it from early-onset wear and tear.
The pool will also feature “a medium slide” according to Nelson, “good for the younger kids to enjoy.”
The old pool was finally closed down in 2011 after concerns that the pool house was unsafe for community activity.

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