Board Approves Bids For Outdoor Facility Renovation

The January 13 meeting of the Minden Public Schools Board of Education opened with an election of officers. Singular nominations were made for each position before the board elected Craig Grams president, Richard Jacobsen vice president, and Ken Carpenter secretary.

More annual business was handled as the board approved committee assignments. Committees remained the same as the previous year with Kevin Raun and Grams on Personnel, Justin Glanzer,  Carpenter, and Jacobsen on Policies, Rusty Rhynalds, Carpenter, and Glanzer on Buildings/Grounds, Jacobsen, Raun, and Grams on Finance, Rhynalds and Carpenter on Curriculum, Glanzer, Grams, and Jacobsen on American Civics, and Rhynalds and Raun on Legislation.

Perry Law Firm was designated as district legal counsel. Minden Exchange Bank and First Bank and Trust Company were named the official depositories of school funds. Scott Johnson was approved as Treasurer and The Minden Courier as district newspaper of record. Current board policies and regulations were approved.
see January 22 Courier for full story