Board of Equalization Approves Preliminary Levies

Tri Basin NRD General Manager John Thorburn attended the Kearney County Board of Supervisors regular meeting on August 23 to discuss the Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Tri Basin NRD has been working with counties in order to be better prepared for potential hazards and natural disasters. A hazard mitigation plan is required by FEMA to qualify for aid in the event of a disaster. The plan should be updated every five years.

Thor burn explained the cost of the hazard mitigation plan will be approximately $80,000. FEMA will provide 75% of the cost with the remainder to be shared by Tri Basin and the counties. Tri Basin is anticipating a contribution from Kearney County of $5,000. Emergency Manager Craig Lupkes told the board there is no line item in the budget for the expense, but the funds are there.

see August 31 Courier for full