Board Of Equalization Talks Center On Collecting Back Taxes

The Kearney County Board of Equalization met September 18. Dominating the meeting was discussion on how to proceed in dealing with back taxes on improvements not reported to the County.
Flyover pictures are taken of the county every three years. The last flyover was done on January 1, 2017. Pictures revealed 63 parcels with unreported improvements ranging from storage buildings to grain bins to new homes. The structures could have been built as far back as January 2, 2015 after the previous flyover was done.
County Attorney Melodie Bellamy explained to the board the statute is clear in that the County ‘shall’ collect back taxes. She informed the board they are well within their rights to charge back taxes for all improvements found in the latest flyover for as far back as 2015. Her suggestion was to inform owners they are responsible for paying the past due taxes for the last three years unless they can prove the structure was newer.

see September 26 Courier for full story

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