Brandt Completes Community Catalyst Program With European Trip To Rejuvenate Her Passion Of The Arts

Minden Opera House Director Marcy Brandt was chosen as a Community Catalyst by The Sherwood Foundation of Omaha. In addition to networking with others in the field of the arts, the opportunity provided Brandt funding for a European trip to rejuvenate her passion in the arts and spark new ideas to try in her profession.
The Sherwood Foundation started the Community Catalyst program to impact and enrich rural Nebraska. Driven individuals who are in a position to impact their community are selected to join the program. Eight to ten people with a common interest, passion, or profession comprise each group. Brandt was in Catalyst #10.
“They select these people from various communities and get them to meet together for 18 months. Then they give you $5,000 to use on something that enriches you professionally but also almost more importantly, personally,” Brandt said.

for full story see May 1 Courier

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