Caravan Of Unity Plans Stop In Central Nebraska

As the Unity Earth Caravan of Unity travels across the United States during the month of September, moving from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, to the National Mall in Washington D.C. for Peace Weekend, it will make a special stop in Central Nebraska on Wednesday, September 9. 

The theme will be “Coming Home to the Heart*Land,” where we will weave together the new science and ancient spiritual wisdom of unity and the heart. This includes our deep connection and care of the land, water, and peoples—for Earth, and all its inhabitants, for generations to come.

Due to COVID, the live Caravan has been completely transformed and re-invented, but will go on. The Caravan is moving from large local celebrations in parks and auditoriums, to a uniquely integrated local/global broadcast.

You are invited to join us in the Central Nebraska stop of the global Caravan of Unity.

see September 9 Courier for full story