Cardiac Rehab Improves With New Equipment

With the recent renovations to Kearney County Health Services, Minden’s cardiac rehab center has been upgraded.


In its new area, the cardiac rehab center’s facilities are arranged to make for easier access for patients. New equipment such as a step bicycle has been added, as well.


Heart health research has made many advances over the years, enabling people to be more knowledgeable about the prevention of heart disease, recover faster, and have diseases detected better.


Julie Schmidt, a cardiac rehab professional at Kearney County Health Services, has seen firsthand how advances in heart health research have helped patients.


“It gives them a lot more of a chance for a better quality of life,” Schmidt said.


They also have the comfort of knowing, she says, “that they’re doing it in a safe way that can help to prevent problems in the future.”


Innovations are being made in many aspects of cardiac rehab, but prevention is always an emphasis of heart health professionals. Quitting smoking, remaining at a healthy weight, reducing cholesterol, and managing stress are a few of the ways that people can help themselves avoid heart disease, especially at an early age.

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