Chandler Well Opens In Minden

Chandler Well Service, Inc. has recently opened up a new shop in Minden. The company is owned by Neal and Lauri Chandler of Pleasanton and Shonn Marker is managing the Minden shop.
“Neal has been in Pleasanton for a long time and he always gets calls down here. We felt we could better serve our customers in this area with a full-time person in Minden,” Marker said. They opened their shop at 1432 North Brown Avenue.
The company works on domestic wells, stock wells, windmills, pipelines, tire tanks, stock tanks and more. Marker’s pump installation experience includes a growing number of solar pumps. “We do anything to do with small wells,” Marker stated.
“Most of our customers are farmers and ranchers. We take care of anything domestic but we don’t do irrigation service,” Marker added.

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