Choquette Family Receives SRM Rangeman’s Award

Each year the Nebraska Section Society for Range Management (SRM) recognizes a rancher, or ranch family, who exemplifies a strong land ethic that is the heart of the Society’s mission. The Choquette family of Upland was recently recognized by the Society during the Section’s 2019 annual meeting.

The Choquette family has been farming and ranching in south central Nebraska for nearly 130 years. From the late 1880’s, through the Homestead Act Era, the Dust bowl Era and beyond the family’s farming and ranching practices have evolved and adapted, allowing their operation to survive and thrive.

About 30 years ago, the ranch began a new focus to foster soil health and move away from grazing the way it had always been done. Today, the fifth generation builds on the work of previous generations. They have moved to a management strategy that allows them to graze cattle efficiently, cost-effectively and holistically. Cover crops and rotational grazing are two of the most critical parts of the success of the ranching operation’s endeavor.
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