City Accepts Street Sweeper Bid

A full council met for the June 6 regular meeting of the Minden City Council. Council reviewed two bids that were submitted for a new street sweeper. The choice was between a Global M3 sweeper from Rose Equipment, Inc. and an Elgin Pelican sweeper from Nebraska Environmental Products.
The price difference in the two machines, including the approved trade in value of the old sweeper by each company, was less than $15,000. City Administrator Matt Cederburg began the discussion by reminding the council that a $25,000 down payment for the new piece of equipment was available in this year’s budget and a five year payment plan to pay the rest could be established.
Street Superintendent Chris Klahn had test driven both models and told the council he preferred the Elgin Pelican. He explained by saying the Elgin had nearly 360 degrees of visibility made more convenient by choosing which side of the vehicle you steer from and you don’t need to back up to dump it. He said the hopper on the Global couldn’t be filled all the way so holding capacity between the two was nearly the same. He also had a problem seeing the side sweepers’ position because the seat is right in the middle of the cab.

see June 15 Courier for full story

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