City Approves Payment For Street Work

The Minden City Council held its final meeting for September on Monday in the council chambers at city hall with councilman Lathan Thompson absent.
The council held a public hearing for the fiscal year 2013-14 budget. Their were no proponents or opponents for the budget so it was closed in less than a minute.
The board approved the city budget.
The second public hearing was also less than a minute with no one speaking for or against the final tax request at a different amount that the prior year tax request with Resolution #1602. The city property tax request was set at $713,689 for the general fund and $0.00 for the bond fund. City Administrator Matt Cederburg also informed the council that the property tax level was lower to provide relief for the tax payers for one year and then rise back to its current rate since there was an overcharge on the property owners last year. The city also approved a one percent authority override they do each year.

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