City Council Accepts Lewis’ Resignation

The Minden City Council approved the closing of several streets around the square for the DAWG Days events during their meeting on Monday, July 18.
The council approved the consent agenda, after discussion about bills from Olsson and Associates for two annual water tests the company does for the city. The most recent is more in depth and therefore more costly than the previous test, and there was some talk about the exact amount paid by the city.
The city council heard a request for permission to park a meal vending truck on city streets. The truck would be parked near the elevators in the spring and during harvest times. Current ordinances prohibit vending on city streets, but the council approved a treat truck with a special permit to overrule that ordinance. The council recommended staying in private parking lots when available, with permission of the owners, but the council’s final decision was tabled, pending a review of the applicable laws by the city attorney.

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