City Council Answers Questions Over Sewer Leaks

The Minden City Council answered complaints about recent sewer backups during their meeting on Monday, March 19.
Mayor Roger Jones informed the citizens in attendance to discuss sewer backups that it was not on the agenda, the city had filed the report with their insurance agency and would not comment. But it was pointed out the insurance filing was in the reports contained inside the consent agenda and thus could be discussed in the meeting.
Several basements had flooded in the past week in multiple parts of town, with one instance leading Council Member Mike Kleen to remove five T-shirts from a clogged line, which apparently had been flushed down a toilet.
Kleen explained that the line could handle one, with a second slowing things down, but the following three becked up to the point of stoppage and took three hours to unclog.
Homeowner Andy Grollmes was one who attended the meeting. He asked if there was going to be an investigation into the sewer issues. Grollmes added that he lives in one of the most modern parts of town and “finds it hard there is nothing we can do” to correct the problems.
Kleen recommended the installation of a check valve, but indicated that would be at the homeowner’s expense. He said the size of the sewer main in that section of town is “overkill” and the city can’t control things like T-shirts.
Council Member Ted Griess indicated the city’s policy for claims against the city is to file with the insurance agency and if it is not resolved, then the decision can be appealed to the city council. Griess also said the insurance agency can investigate an individual who may be at fault, and recoup their losses.

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