City Council Appoints Cederburg City Clerk/Treasurer

The Minden City Council met  on June 20.  The first order of business was  Matt Cederburg being sworn in as the new city clerk and treasurer by Mayor Roger Jones.
During the consent agenda, the councilmen asked questions regarding the discoloration of the water. It was explained that early in the summer, there is a sudden increase in water usage from 300,000 gallons to 1 million, because people start watering their lawns, and the increased water pressure shakes minerals loose that had built up in the pipes. It is reportedly harmless. But the pipes are outdated and need to be replaced when the budget allows. The buildup is due to years of neglect on pipes that need to be flushed regularly.
The council had a second reading on Ordinance 1167 that repeals Ordinance 1080 as it relates to no parking on the south side of Hawthorne, and the west side of Logan. The council approved the reading unanimously.
The council also approved the finance package on the new Street Department truck, that was arranged through Cornhusker finance, with a 3.9% interest rate.
After a long discussion, the board tabled the zoning proposition per agenda, suggesting council members come prepared July 18 with their suggested changes.

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