City Council Approves ARPA Fund Use

After several months of discussion regarding potential projects, the Minden City Council took action on use of the City’s ARPA funds totaling $522,113.85 during the August 1 regular meeting. Each project was discussed individually before taking action.

The preliminary estimated budget for the tennis court renovation/pickleball court project is $220,000. City Administrator Matt Cederburg told the council pickleball courts should face north/south which would require extending five feet into the alleyway to add two courts.

There are some concerns about unknown utilities under the alley as well as fitting larger equipment through the alleyway with five feet removed from the width. The project cost may be affected by utilities in the alley. The City is still waiting on a map with the full dimensions to show what impact the expansion will have to the east and north.

see August 10 Courier for full story