City Council Approves Midlands Contracting

The Minden City Council voted to accept a bid from Midlands Contracting for a water main depth adjustment at Minden West Estates.
The approval is pending confirmation from engineers that the plan will solve the problem for the homeowners building at the west estates.
The water mains at Minden West Estates are sitting at 30 inches starting at Evergreen and Aspen, which endangers the 8-inch water mains from freezing that were placed in the ground in 2005.  “Many of the city employees from that time are gone now” said City Administrator Matt Cederburg.  Cederburg added, “We are still researching the cause. The main was laid in 2005 and an engineer was not on site  to oversee the construction.” For whatever reason, the water mains were buried 5 feet from ground level when it should have been 7 feet since the ground was still 2 feet higher than where the streets needed to be.
The city received bids from Diamond Engineering of Grand Island and Midlands Contracting from Kearney. The Diamond bid included costs totaling $32,855, while the Midlands bid came out to $27,336.
“I gather that we have to do this no matter what.” Council member Ted Griess interjected.
Cederburg responded, indicating, given the cost, the city would rather keep researching a possible alternative solution, including possible insulation of certain high-risk areas.

For the full story, check out The Minden Courier

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