City Council Approves Updated COVID-19 Policy

Mayor Ted Griess paid tribute to Minden Fire Chief Tom Brown and 21 members of the Minden Volunteer Fire Department during the February 1 regular meeting of the Minden City Council. The 22 men and women became certified for the Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act through participation in calls, training, drills, and meetings. Griess encouraged the public to thank these individuals for their dedication and volunteer service as emergency responders.

The meeting agenda was brief with the only action items being the consent agenda and consideration of an updated COVID-19 policy. Proposed changes to the policy reflected restrictions lifted by the governor that previously affected services and operations. The City will continue to take precautions with the three Cs, Crowded places, Close contact with others, and Confined spaces, even with the proposed changes to the policy.

see February 10 Courier for full story