City Council Approves Water Plant Purchase

The Minden City Council approved the purchase for a wastewater treatment plant master control unit (MCU) software upgrade. Very simply put, an MCU is the actual system that cleans the city’s waste water at their meeting on December 19.
Two years ago, the city replaced half of the system, leaving new software to communicate with old equipment.
That has caused repeated problems, and has brought Olsson and Associates out to Minden every three months to reprogram the computers, which they have done free of charge to this point.
The purchase  also includes updating the dialer at the water plan that alerts the city of troubles and outages.. They would be purchased from the same maker who produces all the controls for both city plants.
Council member Ted Greiss asked whether the purchase was bid out to give other local manufacturers the opportunity, but City Administrator Matt Cederburg pointed out they planned to use the same manufacturer as did the first half of the project to ensure compatibility.
Cederburg said, “If we had someone else come in and do the second half, it’d be like a PC trying to communicate with a Mac.”
By using the same company, Cederburg expected the purchase to “save a lot of headaches and some late nights.”

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