City Council Discussed Sewer Code

The Minden City Council met November 1 to discuss proposed amendments to the Municipal Code regarding sewers. Council members and business owners weighed in as the council reviewed changes by section.

City Attorney Tom Lieske addressed concerns that were raised during the previous meeting concerning compliance and violation. He alleviated concerns relating to Section 86-29 stating authorized employees shall be permitted to enter properties by explaining entry is authorized, but permission from the owner or the court is still required.

Section 86-30 states those violating regulations will be served with a written notice of the violation and provided a reasonable time for correction. Members of the council questioned what constitutes a reasonable time limit. The concern was ensuring the City doesn’t overstep its bounds and that no business is singled out. The council was informed the nature of the violation will determine the time frame for correction. Utilities Superintendent Darin Fischer will work with businesses to determine that progress is being made to correct the violation, but some violations may require immediate action to ensure the safety of the citizens and protect the sewer system from damage.

see November 10 Courier for full story