City Council Discusses Streets During 1&6 Hearing

The Minden City Council met January 19 with council member Larry Evans absent. The hot topic of the meeting was discussion of the City’s One and Six Year Street Plan. Much of the plan remains the same as last year’s with the addition of five streets slated for improvements.
The main focus for the one year plan is drainage and will include Garfield, Brewster, and the intersection of 6th and Tower. Additions to the six year plan include new concrete on Lincoln, drainage between Kearney and Hubbard, and the drainage east and south of the cemetery.
Minden resident Ed Sheen was at the meeting to inform the council of concerns he has about the intersection of 6th Street and Tower. He said water doesn’t make it far enough West to reach the culvert and instead turns North on Tower leaving Tower flooded when it rains. The high traffic from people using the street to reach Casey’s and Uncle Neal’s furthers the problems because Tower isn’t paved in that block.

for full story see January 27 Courier

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