City Council Selects Splashpad Features

The Minden City Council held a special meeting on October 27 to select features for the Chautauqua Park splashpad. Patrick Pierce from Commercial Recreation Specialists videoed in to answer questions.

After seeing the space flagged, the council had determined to upgrade to the larger pad while maintaining much of the layout and features in the smaller pad option. Councilman Jack Yant noted the council had discussed changing the large water feature consisting of one large bucket to a similar feature consisting of three smaller buckets.

Councilman Bob Carlson told his fellow council members he had spoken with some young people to get their opinion on which features they would like to see at the splashpad. The kids he spoke with said they liked the feature with the single big bucket better. Carlson told the council most of the features are geared toward younger kids and the big bucket feature might be more fun for older kids.

see November 2 Courier for full story