City Council Tables Decision On Hillcrest Avenue Parking

The Minden City Council tabled an agenda item regarding an ordinance that would designate a no parking area on Hillcrest Avenue during the March 15 regular meeting.

Street Superintendent Chris Klahn explained there are several cars that park on Hillcrest Avenue during school hours. Because the street is already narrow with a double curve, street parking makes it very difficult for the trash truck and other City vehicles to navigate the road. After reviewing the problem with Police Chief Bradley Butler, MPS Superintendent Jim Widdifield, and City Administrator Matt Cederburg, an ordinance designating the 200 block of Hillcrest Avenue a no parking area during school hours was proposed.

Councilman Larry Evans told the council he had observed the parking situation near the high school and found a number of cars parked on Gilman and Hillcrest Avenues while there were several vacant parking stalls in both the south and east high school parking lots. He asked if school administrators should handle the problem rather than punishing residents with parking restrictions. Evans suggested assigned parking or parking passes for students to help reduce street parking.

see March 24 Courier for full story