City Council Throws Out Maintenance Code

The Minden City Council met on July 5. Members and guests recited the pledge of allegiance and Mayor Roger Jones read the open meeting statement.
During the consent agenda ,there were questions about recent expenditures including the cost for the pool to be resided and $250 to repaint the bathrooms. There was also a drainage system repair bill for $1,500 that came into question. Mayor Jones said he would look into why that was charged to the city. The consent agenda was then approved.
The proposed street closing for the 5K run to honor Jeffrey Hansen on Saturday, August 27 was tabled because the organizers would need state approval to cross the highway.
The request from Smokin’ For A Reason to park on city streets was also tabled, due to absence from the people who were supposed to speak to it, but the mayor did say if they have a permit and they park in legal parking areas, there isn’t really much the council can do about it.
The Recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission was tabled at the request of legal counsel.
The council held a third and final reading of Ordinance #1167 that repeals Ordinance #1080 as the same relates to No Parking on the south side of Hawthorne and west side of Logan Streets. The reading was heard and approved by the council.

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