City Council Vacates KAAPA Lane

The Minden City Council met on Monday, October 17, and discussed some controversy regarding Ordinance 1169, the planned vacation of KAAPA Lane and the portion of K Road that lies East of the intersection of 25 Road and K Road.  The ordinance was up for its third and final reading.  Before the reading it was mentioned by City Attorney Tom Lieske that he had received a letter of opposition from attorneys at Century Link.  Century Link has buried cable that runs down the middle of K Road and the reason for opposition is to allow for time to get their easement/right of way completed with KAAPA.  Attorneys for KAAPA assured the board they were working on an easement, and the matter was not one for the city’s consideration. Lieske agreed that there was no reason to hold up the ordinance because the easement between KAAPA and Century Link would resolve the issue.

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