City Discusses Pit Bulls And Noise

At the April 4 Minden City Council meeting, Mayor Ted Griess asked council members to delay taking action on agenda items until the next meeting. He said that because City Attorney Tom Lieske and council member Teresa Sumstine were absent, it would be best to wait.
The first item tabled was the consideration of approving an ordinance to repeal section 10-39 in the Municipal Code. Section 10-39 prohibits the keeping of pit bull dogs within City limits. The matter was brought to the council by Police Chief Jim Huff who said the current ordinance is too difficult to properly enforce without costing the City a lot of money. He said the City would need to have DNA tests done to prove the dog was a pit bull breed which would take time and money.
Minden Police Department uses the vicious dog law in response to suspected pit bulls at the current time to avoid charging the City for testing. Huff explained that in the last 14 years the department had received 43 vicious dog complaints and 14 of the complaints were suspected of being pit bulls. He said that pit bulls received a bad rap in 1997, when the amendment was created, due to national coverage of the breed being raised for dog fights.

for full story see April 13 Courier

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