City Discusses Vacating Alley By Mason’s Supermarket

Mayor Ted Griess announced the official completion of the Phase I Water Project during the April 3 Minden City Council meeting. The improvements not only enhanced the quality of the water in Minden, but aided in fire safety throughout the city. Griess cautioned citizens that hydrants will be tested which can still lead to discolored water. He thanked residents for their patience and reminded them to contact the City office if the problem persisted.
Before getting down to business, Griess reminded residents of several events taking place in Minden this month. He encouraged attendance of the Mayor’s breakfast to be held the next morning as well as several NET events that will be hosted in Minden on April 29. Other notices included trivia night at Breakaway Bar April 6, a drug take back at the police station April 29 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and the annual County/City cleanup scheduled for May 5-6.
Business began with discussion of an informal request from Mason’s Supermarket to vacate a portion of the adjoining alley. Owner Riley Space explained the vacation would allow them to extend their storage area two feet to the east, reduce safety hazards to their employees while unloading trucks, and reduce damage to the structure caused by vehicles driving between trucks and the building.

see April 12 Courier for full story

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