City of Minden Provides Incentive For County Business Owners

The City of Minden has developed a plethora of pro- grams to aide business owners who want to bring their busi- nesses to Minden.
One of the most flexible options available is a small business loan from Kearney County Economic Develop- ment Agency (KCEDA). Kearney County Economic Development Agency was started in 2004, tasked with “encouraging new business in Kearney County.” Each participating community al- locates one dollar per electric meter to the loan fund. Since its creation, KCEDA has made 12 loans putting $145,000 dollars into businesses start- ing or improving. The loans can be used for a variety of options including start-up costs, building improve- ments, facade remodeling, equipment, expansion and other needs.
For years, Kearney County has sought to restore the historical facades that have fallen victim to weather, wear and tear, giving many of the city businesses a rundown appearance. Thus the Facade Improvement Fund (FIFund) was created. With a 20 percent matching dollar expenditure by the owner/tenant, business- es can receive a 2% interest loan up to $3,000 for facades, storefronts, and awnings. More information on Kearney
County loans can be found at
Also available to business owners are City and County Revolving Loan Funds (RLF, also known as city/county reuse loans). The funding for these loans began in 1997 when Wolfden Farms Partner- ship received a Community Development Block Grant from the State. These funds are used to assist businesses and developers by providing low interest loans for business start-ups, business expansion, building rehabilitation and other designated uses.

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