City Says Water Must Be Fixed; Sales Tax Best Way To Fund It

Minden City employees were opening water hydrants around town last week. The process, called flushing, involves forcing a large amount of water at high pressure through the mains to help loosen and clear out iron and manganese deposits that have built up on the inside of Minden’s water distribution system. The process is part of an ongoing effort by the City to try to alleviate Minden’s long-running water woes. It isn’t a permanent fix to the problem however.
The “fix” is going to take much more than flushing the mains, according to the recently completed water study the City hired Olsson Associates to complete. The recommendations from the engineers is a multi-phase solution to improve fire protection and the discoloration in the water.
Minden residents have long been unhappy with the discoloration in their tap water which can range from yellow to light brown to pink. The discoloration is caused by the high level of iron and manganese that naturally occurs in the soil and groundwater around Minden. While it isn’t a health concern, it does discolor laundry and fixtures and, for many, is unappealing to drink.

See the October 15th Courier for full article.

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