City To Help Bethany Home With Water Main Relocation Project

The regular meeting of the Minden City Council was held May 16 with a full council. More water projects were up for consideration on the agenda.
The expansion of Bethany Home requires the relocation of a water main. Utilities Superintendent Ryan Hurst explained that the original plan was to move a small portion of the main, but on further study it was determined that a better course of action would be to add a water main loop near Bethany Home from the intersection of Pearson and Blaine to the intersection of Hawthorne and Logan. The proposal will add fire protection, increase flow, and improve water pressure to residents in the area.
Construction cost of the project is estimated at $24,500. A cost share of 60% Bethany Home 40% City of Minden was determined by the City and Bethany Home representatives to be a fair split. The need to relocate the main is from the construction project, but Minden residents will benefit. The council voted unanimously in favor of the amendment with Olsson Associates for the Bethany Home water main relocation project.

for full story see May 25 Courier

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