C.J. Obradovich Joins Minden Police Department

C.J. Obradovich, 23, is the newest member of the Minden Police Department.
Originally from Omaha, Obradovich has been in Nebraska his entire life. He first considered a career in law enforcement in seventh grade.
“We did a forensics ex- periment in my science class,” Obradovich said. And that put the idea in his head.
After high school, Obra- dovich attended the Univer-
sity of Nebraska-Kearney, earning a degree in criminal justice in May of 2011.
Shortly after graduation he found out about an open- ing with Minden PD, vacated by Kevin Klahn, who took a job with Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department.
Obradovich said the pro- cess was “pretty easy” and included a background check, criminal history, and inter- view. Minden Police Chief James Huff added, “We also
talked to some people who knew him.”
Obradovich has been going through Minden’s field train- ing program, which Chief Huff said is intended to “keep him under my arm and teach him some things.”

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