Clint’s Tavern Reopens

Clint’s Tavern re-established 2012.
The phrase says it all to the community of Hildreth. Clint’s Tavern has been a fixture in Hildreth for over 70 years starting in the Einspahr family and now transitioning into an ownership group consisting of local residents of Hildreth or ties to the community.
Clint’s Tavern was re-opened in July 2012 after Double D’s was bought by a group of investors including Brian and Julie Rahmann, Darren Schenk, Dale and Millie Schenk and Dennis Schenk.
Brian and Julie have been helping with Mexican Night when the original Clint’s was open and then they continued working for Double D’s so they were familiar with the business and its workings. Julie and Brian run Clint’s day to day business with Darren Schenk sharing in the cooking responsibilites. The group purchased the establishment closed three days for cleaning and immediately re-opened Clint’s Tavern in a seamless transition that has Hildreth residents pleased.

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