CLJMS 2022 Short Film ‘Educators Infinity Year’

After five years, the C.L. Jones Middle School short film premier has become a project highly anticipated by students and members of the community. The 2022 CLJMS short film, “Educators Infinity Year,” promises action and adventure for audiences as well as interactive entertainment for those who attend the red carpet premier on Tuesday, March 15 in the MPS Auditorium.

Whitney Maulsby introduced the project to her Journalism and Linguistics classes as a unique learning experience. In its first years, students recorded interviews and pieced them together as a documentary. More recently the students have decided to take the project in a slightly different direction with a scripted film.

“The kids have now turned to what they love in entertainment which is more of the blockbuster type film with action and scenes and filming actors and actresses which has kind of been a challenge because we don’t have hired actors and actresses, we have students, and teachers, and community members. But it’s also been the fun part because I can’t even imagine how many cheers there will be in the audience when you see a teacher turned into a superhero,” Maulsby said. 

see March 9 Courier for full story