Community Survey Results Presented By Center For Rural Research And Development

Matthew Cederburg was officially sworn in as the Minden City Administrator and Finance Director at the November 7 Minden Ciy Council meeting.
After former city administrator Brent Lewis was put on administrative leave, Cederburg was hired as the city clerk and treasurer at the June 20 council meeting, with the goal of organizing the city’s finances and finding ways to make Minden’s bookkeeping more efficient.
After Lewis’ resignation was accepted by the council, Cederburg was appointed city administrator and finance director. In that role, he has focused on getting acclimated to the new system, and with governmental accounting in general. He has to manage cash from both enterprise and tax sides. Enterprise consists of the things that generate revenue for the city, and the tax side is governmental support of public services. He is also working on piecing together accounts from the old system to be organized into the new one. Technology is available now that wasn’t previously to improve the efficiency with which the city’s finances are kept. Lisa Karnatz was sworn in as Economic Development Director/city clerk to fill the office vacated by Cederburg’s appointment.
After Karnatz and Cederburg had repeated their respective oaths of office, Mayor Roger Jones called on Shawn Kaskie who presented the Needs Assessment Survey Report from the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s Center for Rural Research and Development.
Kaskie opened his presentation by showing that, out of 1443 surveyed households, 474 returned the surveys, for a very respectable 32.8 percent  response rate. In the survey, responders were asked to rate several aspects of life in Minden from one to four, with one being excellent and four being poor. The highest rated aspects of Minden were rescue and fire receiving a 1.59 average rating, followed by the school system at 1.83. The least favorable responses came in the categories of city government at 3.03, storm sewers at 2.83 and code enforcement at 2.73.

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