Condemnation Hearings Held During August 5 City Council Meeting

The focus of the August 5 regular Minden City Council meeting was the safety and health of residents. Mayor Ted Griess defined nuisance property for the public and outlined the condemnation process and purpose at the beginning of the meeting because most of the agenda items pertained to condemnations.

A public hearing for possible condemnation of the property located at 1205 N. Colorado Avenue was opened at 6:08 p.m. The property is owned by Harold Warp Pioneer Village Foundation. The council was provided with pictures of the condition of the property. Marshall Nelson, General Manager of the Harold Warp Pioneer Village Foundation, asked the council for time. He stated the board has determined to revert the property back to an empty lot and has already received quotes for demolition of the structure. Nelson stated bidders believe the work will take 90-100 days to complete. Until demolition can be completed, he told the council he would reseal the door to ensure no one entered the structure. The hearing was closed at 6:18 p.m. 

Bob Carlson made a motion to issue condemnation of the property at 1205 N. Colorado Avenue and order the structure to be demolished and cleared in 120 days. The motion was seconded by Roger Jones and approved with all voting yes.

see August 14 Courier for full story