Continued Street Work Sparks Council Discussion

The regular November 4 meeting of the Minden City Council was moved to November 6. Among the agenda items was consideration of action for the Minden Paving, Drainage, and Water Improvements project not completed prior to the substantial completion date of October 23, 2019.

A section of the contract with Blessing Construction states the contractor will pay $1,000 per day after the substantial completion date of the project until the work is completed. Despite extensions allowed through change orders, the project is not yet finished and the completion date is past.

The council discussed pursuing these fines from the contractor, but worried it would result in rushed work that could lead to larger problems down the road. They determined their best course of action is to not pursue the fines at this time to allow for negotiations after the work is completed to satisfaction and the matter was tabled.

See November 13 Courier for full story