Cornelius Attends CASE Training Conference

Rebecca Cornelius has completed a STEM based CASE (Curriculum for AgriScience Education) training the past week in Lincoln, NE on the Principles of Agricultural Science-Animal (ASA). Through a Nebraska FFA Foundation scholarship, funded by the Nebraska Soybean Board and DuPont Pioneer, Cornelius is supplementing this STEM based curriculum by using soybeans as a model, focus and method for learning. This fall Cornelius will be implementing this curriculum in the classroom at Axtell Community School by utilizing soybeans in various segments of the animal science systems.
“This is a good effort for industry and a commodity board to further agricultural education in our schools. The program shares the expertise of others to raise the level of agricultural education in our schools,” says Victor Bohuslavsky, Executive Director of the Nebraska Soybean Board.
Through this curriculum Cornelius will be teaching her students about the process, benefits and challenges related to the use of soybeans in agriculture.  “Soybeans are an important aspect to our industry, not only from the crop grown around us, but also as an important feed for our livestock. I hope that this curriculum will help students to see a connection to soybeans in many different careers available in their future.” says Cornelius.  

see July 4 Courier for full story

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