Council Addresses Downtown Outdoor Seating

The Minden City Council met February 6. The council revisited outdoor seating dis- cussions that were initiated in September by Kevin Krull.

Krull had asked the council to permit outdoor seating on city sidewalks/right-of- way outside of a downtown business last Fall. At the time, City Attorney Tom Lieske believed the City had adequate code for the matter. After reviewing and consulting with other municipalities, the Cities of Kearney and Holdrege provided the council with right-of-way use agreements they use for these type of situations.

An ordinance to add outdoor seating areas to the city code was proposed to the council. Included in the ordinance is the requirement of a right-of-way use agreement being completed and approved by the city council. Before action was taken, Krull asked the council for setback clarifications and asked if the agreement could be tied to the property owner rather than the business owner.

Following discussion, the council approved Ordinance 1275 amending Section 70-52, Permanent; temporary; penalty, to the Minden Municipal Code concerning Sidewalk Obstructions, first reading. The council also approved a motion to waive the three readings and adopted the ordinance by title. The right-of-way use agreement for seating areas was also approved as presented.

A second ordinance was presented to the council for consideration that would re- strict parking near mailboxes. Mayor Larry Evans explained it has been brought to the City’s attention there is a constant blocking of mailboxes in the 100 block of N. Nebraska. This has resulted in mail not getting delivered, some of which is medical prescriptions.

Check February 15 edition of Courier for full story