Council Answers For Trashing Of Minden Library Books

The Minden City Council addressed multiple complaints regarding the disposal of books by the library during and after the renovation at their meeting on Monday, February 6.
Council member Larry Evans read from a document that reported 988 books, 102 audio tapes, 160 video tapes had been discarded by the library in the process.
According to City Administrator Matt Cederburg, a portion went to the Friends of the Library. For the rest, the city “explored methods for discarding the materials” but found “no market for them to be recycled, so they were discarded.”
Council member Ted Griess read a statement from Denise Harder of Republican Valley Library System. “It is important for them to know the collection must be taken care of, including the removal of items outdated or in bad condition… weeding is an essential component of management and good library practice.”
Harder added that weeding is required for library accreditation, with a minimum of 3 percent of a library’s collection being weeded annually.
The statement went on to say that without proper weeding, “the collection could age and become difficult to use… the question of weeding too much should be answered locally. Quality counts much more than quantity.”
“If weeding went into dumpsters, which I know they did,” Evans said, “we are to blame. As city council, we did not take the lead in communicating to the citizens in the community.”
Cederburg emphasized that between 20 and 25 percent of the discarded books did go to the Friends of the Library.
Evans added that he was not placing blame on any individual, but acknowledging “we failed to lead… and I apologize to the citizens of this community.”

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