Council Approves Bid Process For Street Paving Projects, Talks Street Study

The Minden City Council reviewed bid specifications for the 2018 Street Paving Project during the March 19 regular meeting. Unanticipated complications with the stretch of Colorado Avenue included in the project led the council to look at other streets that could replace the tract in the improvement project.
While examining streets included in the paving project in order to outline specs for bidding, Olsson Associates determined the storm water drainage culvert by Jaycee Park will need to be replaced if Colorado Avenue is to be paved. The cost of replacing the culvert along with the discovery that the City doesn’t own the section of street from Lexington to Brewster resulted in removing the project from the overall plan.
The council discussed possible streets to replace Colorado Avenue in the project. After much discussion the bid process was approved with the removal of Colorado Avenue and the addition of three blocks of Eighth Street from Kearney to Garber. Including water costs associated with the project the total cost is projected to be approximately 1.6 million dollars.

for full story see March 28 Courier

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