Council Approves CDBG Budget Amendment

The June 17 meeting of the Minden City Council began with a note of gratitude from Mayor Ted Griess to the public, west side of the square merchants, and Campbell Street residents for the manner in which they are handling the inconvenience of the current road and sidewalk construction projects. He also congratulated Derek Mai who was recently sworn in as a volunteer firefighter with the Minden Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.
A public hearing concerning a budget amendment for Community Development Block Grant 15-DTR-105 was scheduled. Joene Crocker of Miller Associates was present to explain the amendment. When the grant was issued, a portion of the funds was designated for commercial rehab. The City received 14 applications from businesses for facade improvement between two rounds of program operation.
There are unused funds in the commercial rehab portion due to the number of applications and because not every applicant asked for the full amount available to them. With the completion of the grant period approaching, the amendment would move those funds to the public facilities and improvements portion in order to utilize the full grant. This is a standard procedure and Crocker assured the council the grant board would be pleased with the City’s efforts and the participation of 14 applicants in the commercial rehab program.

see June 26 Courier for full story